Speakerheadz | SpeakerHeadz BIO
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SpeakerHeadz BIO

Greetings Earthlings. A long time ago you send human DNA to different galaxies. One missile landed on planet X, also known as Niburu. The human DNA on Niburu evolved into humanoid species. These species raised and developed themselves and they wanted to know their origin. In their journey through space they sent you a signal. You have received but ignored this message. Therefore they came to earth to bring you their message personally. To get a better understanding of your ancient technology, they had to start all over again to experience the evolution of music through time. After the experience and evolution they are ready to spread their message. What better way is there to spread a message than through a speaker. A speaker produces sound, from sound comes music, from music comes harmony, from harmony comes peace. Therefore they only speak music…